Rafiki Investment Plan

An interest-bearing investment plan starting from KShs 1,000 a month. It includes life-cover and flexible payment options.

How it works:

  • Choose how much you want to invest – from KShs 1,000 up to KShs 6,500 per month.
  • Select your investment term: A minimum of ten (10) years up to a maximum of twenty (20) years.
  • Your premiums will enjoy tax relief up to the maximum permissible by law.
  • Your money is invested in the Fixed Income Fund.
  • Lock in period: This is three (3) years before you can access your funds. After the lock in period you may terminate your policy by cashing in the benefits you are entitled to.
  • No medical examination needed.

Investment Benefits

Paid up benefit: If you stop paying your premium within the ten (10) year period your withdrawal value will be a percentage of your Accumulated Unit Fund. The paid-up values are listed in the table below. Your maturity benefit will be 100% of your Accumulated Unit Fund at the end of the selected policy term.

Paid-up Values



Percentage of accumulated unit fund

0-12 Less than 12 months' worth of premium has been received 0%
13-24 Less than 24 months' worth of premium has been received 50%
25-48 Less than 48 months' worth of premium has been received 80%
49-119 Less than 119 months' worth of premium has been received 90%
120+ At least 120 months' worth of premium has been received 100%

Application Process

  • Complete an application form with the help of an Old Mutual Adviser.
  • Pay your first premium instalment using any of our easy payment options. If using M-Pesa ensure proof of payment by inserting M-Pesa payment confirmation number.
  • You will receive your contract document immediately.
  • There is a cooling off period of thirty (30) days from the day you are issued with the policy contract within which you can cancel your policy and premiums paid will be refunded.
  • A separate financial questionnaire will need to be completed with the help of a financial adviser for premium contributions of KShs 20,000 per month and above.

Payment Options

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually by means of M-Pesa, Zap, Postapay, Cheque, Check-off, Direct Debit or Standing Order.

For more information on the Rafiki Halisi Investment Plan please visit your nearest Old Mutual branch, send us an email or speak to your financial adviser.