Cover for Cash
in Transit
A lot of setbacks can ensue when ferrying large amounts
of money. Stay one step ahead with our Cash in Transit solution.

What is Cash in Transit Insurance?

This policy covers money while on premises in a locked safe, in hands of authorized employees, and while in transit to and from the bank. The cover also extends to cover money within the premises in a safe and strong room. It also covers money in hands of senior staff and damage to the safe. In all cases limits are provided and the estimated annual carry.
What's in it for you?
  • Money is in the personal custody of the insured or the authorized employees of the insured whilst in direct transit between the premises and the bank.
  • Money is drawn for the payment of wages, salaries, and other earnings or for petty cash in direct transit from the bank to the insured premises.
  • Money collected by and in the personal custody of the insured or the authorized employees of the insured whilst in transit to the premises or bank within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the time of collection.
  • Loss of money in the premises as specified in the schedule 
  • Loss or damage to safes/strong rooms as specified in the schedule

Provides peace of mind for losses due to the following causes worldwide:

Transit vehicle
How do I apply?
  • Fill in a proposal form
  • Get a quotation
  • Schedule of cover sections and amounts
  • KRA Pin and certificate of incorporation
  • Make your premium payment
Transit vehicle with back door open
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    We will cover for money which is in safes and damages to safes in the event of theft or attempted theft. In addition to the above-named perils, cover can be extended to cover:

    • Hold-ups
    • Riots and strikes
    • Assault cover which can be arranged for some additional premium.
    • Any loss of money in which an employee of the Insured salaried or otherwise or member of the Insured’s family is directly or indirectly involved as principal or accessory, including any fraudulent conversions of money;
    • Shortages due to error or omission or unexplained losses;
    • Any loss of money caused whilst the said money is being carried under a contract of affreightment
    • Any accident or any loss or destruction of or damage to any property whatsoever or any loss or expense whatsoever resulting or arising therefrom or any consequential loss, including depreciation in value;
    • Loss of money in the custody of collectors, commercial travelers, outside salesmen or sales representatives unless specifically included in the Schedule;