Cover loss of
Our Livestock Insurance covers for
loss of animals due to unexpected misfortunes.

What is Livestock Insurance?

An insurance policy providing coverage for losses due to the death or injury of one's livestock. Livestock insurance generally covers accidents, acts of God, thefts and so forth. It usually excludes illegal acts, confiscation, and quarantines.
We know livestock rearing varies greatly in size, type and needs. With that in mind, we offer customizable insurance solutions for livestock farming, tailored to each operation, whether it involves dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep or goats.
What's in it for you?
  • The insured farm will have greater access to agriculture credit since the policy document will be accepted by financing institutions as an alternative form of security.
  • You get to have greater access to livestock improvement loans.
  • In the event of a loss of livestock brought through a finance facility, both the insured and the financing institution are protected since the insurer pays for the loss.
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How does it work?

It applies to an individual, or herd-specific coverage to your animals. These animals can be anything from cattle to small ruminants (pigs, Rabbits, poultry) — it makes no difference. Your farm will need to have a secure footing on operations to avoid potential accidents and diseases that could befall the livestock.

This is a cover against losses due to accidental death, diseases of terminal nature, emergency slaughter on the advice of a recognized veterinary surgeon, and theft of livestock in raising units or paddocks.

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    We will need the following from you:

    • A current veterinary and valuation report from a registered veterinary surgeon
    • Identification by ear tags, tattoos, or any other practical mode of identification
    • Completed application form and payment of the premium
      • Premium rates depend on livestock type and population, the years of experience and skilled manpower. This rate ranges between 4% and 9% on the sum insured. (Subject to a minimum premium of Kshs. (3000-5000 per farmer) depending on the entity of the livestock they have insured.
      • Veterinary and evaluation report act as a basis of determining sum insured
    • The first 10% of loss for each and every loss
    • The first 20% of the loss for theft
    • Famine, malnutrition and feed poisoning
    • Impotence and infertility
    • Prior diseases and deformities
    • Any death due to neglect and prior husbandry practices
    • In the event of loss notify UAP Old Mutual Group or your agent immediately. Disposal of the carcass before a postmortem examination amounts to no loss
    • In the event of theft, the insurance will require a period of 6 weeks to allow for recovery before the settlement of loss