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Employees are vital components of any business establishment.
Ensure their wellbeing with the Group Life Cover.

What is the Group Life Cover?

The Group Life cover compensates beneficiaries of the assured for loss of income due to the death of the assured. It similarly offers Disability Assurance which provides coverage on the same principle.
What's in it for you?
  • Group Life Cover- This is payable in the event of death of the member as a multiple of Salary or as a fixed amount
  • Last expense cover - This is paid to assist with basic funeral expenses. It is payable within 48 hours upon lodging claim
  • Critical Illness Cover - The cover is worth 30pc of the selected death benefit payable in the event of the Member contracting a disease or requiring treatment qualifying as Critical Illness
  • Permanent and Total disability - This is payable in the event that one becomes permanently disabled by accident or illness such that the member is never likely to engage in his occupation again
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How do I apply?

To apply click on the call me back button and provide your details. Our Business Development Officer will contact you and guide you through the process.

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    • Financial Wellness Clinics: Wconduct wellness clinics to deliver financial education to staff, relevant to the workplace culture
    • Medical Underwriting: The cover has a free cover limit that waives considerations on the medical status of the members
    • Free Workplace HIV/AIDS Solution: We provide workplace HIV services that ensure employees actively continue with their employment by providing free health management solutions
    • The maximum age limit is 65 years for death and Permanent Total Disablement and 60 for Critical Illness
    • The cover only remains active as long as the assured works for the employer

    No claim for a benefit under this policy will be admitted by the insurer if death or disability rises indirectly from:

    1. War or invasion of any kind
    2. Active participation in mutiny, riots, and strikes
    3. Intentional self-injury or suicide
    4. Alcohol or drug abuse
    5. Medical or surgical treatment
    6. Participation in any hazardous sport such as bungee jumping
    7. Racing in a motorcycle or vehicle