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What is Umbrella Pension Scheme Cover?

This is a pension plan that offers a starting point for medium and small-sized organisations who would wish to enjoy the advantages of a fully registered pension scheme.
What's in it for you?
  • No costs of setting up a conservative scheme
  • Tax relief on transfers from gratuity arrangement
  • Employers do not need to register own scheme or go through the rigorous process of appointing a service provider
  • Staff can use up to 60% of their accumulated pension savings as collateral for a mortgage loan
  • Participating employers choose their own retirement age and contribution rates
  • Allows opting out of tier II contributions
  • Superior returns to accelerate the compounding of retirement benefits for your staff
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How do I apply?

To kick start the process click on the call me back button and provide your details. Our BD Officer will contact you and guide you through the process.

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    • Training of Liaison committee/ Trustees (separate or joint sessions)
    • Member Personal Financial Planning
    • Customized Members’ education sessions
    • Periodical investor brief forums for market update
    • Automatic enrolment to receive the quarterly performance updates