Eat first, ahead of the packHelping you save like the king of the jungle.

What is the secret of the Lion?

The secret of the Lion is to eat first, ahead of the pack. You too should "eat first" and you do this by arranging an automatic deduction from your salary or wages. Most people try to save from what is left over after their daily spending. The secret of the Lion encourages pro-active behaviour, giving meaning to the idea of “taking the Lion’s share”.
What's in it for you?
  • Commit to a savings plan
  • Identify the minimum savings level you should have and how to achieve this
  • Identify different savings vehicles available to you

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The Secret of the Lion will help you:

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So, how do you save like a Lion?
  • Automate savings - Make savings automatic so you won’t miss it. This can be done through a debit order.
  • Feed yourself first - You feed your savings account first. This so your money is not "eaten" by other expenses.
  • Move money to savings - Move. Eat first. Do it fast! Otherwise, other members of the pack will eat all the meat.
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    So, how do you save like a Lion?
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