CHARGE! NowCharge down your debt as fast as you can.

What is the Secret of the Rhino?

The secret of the Rhino shows how you can get into the habit of reducing debt fast and using debt wisely. Debt is only dangerous if you don’t manage it carefully and reduce it as quickly as you can. Debt itself is not a bad thing if you can borrow carefully as part of a bigger plan.
What's in it for you?
  • Plan and manage your debt
  • Identify the risk, pitfalls, limitations and unforeseen events that affect a budget
  • Understand how to charge down your debt
  • Explain the consequences of not having a good credit rating

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The Secret of the Rhino will help you:

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Get out of debt - step by step

STEP 1: Face the problem: Know how much you owe.

STEP 2: Share your problem: Who can support you while you charge down your debt?

STEP 3: Adjust your budget: Revise your budget, so you reduce your spending on just a few items each month.

STEP 4: Create strategies to deal with your debt: You have to work out which debt poses the biggest threat.

STEP 5: No new debt: While you are charging down your debt, learn how to stop yourself from incurring any new debts.

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FIND OUT MORELearn how to manage your debt quickly with the Rhino workbook.