Protect your
loved ones
With an enhanced medical insurance cover for families.

What is Afyaimara Family Cover?

This is a medical insurance cover for families that covers day and inpatient hospitalization, maternity, outpatient treatment, optical and dental with enhanced limits for chronic conditions including cancer. It's suitable for all persons and their legal dependents from birth to sixty five (65) years.
What's in it for you?
  • Lifetime cover - Once you join, you can renew your cover for life
  • Wide geographical coverage and hospital network - Access to all of UAP Insurance Company Ltd’s comprehensive network of hospitals across East Africa. An overseas referral is available for conditions not covered locally on accredited overseas partners
  • Convenient - Air evacuation for cover limits above Kshs 1M, road evacuation for all cover limits, and overseas emergency treatment cover of 42 days for a limit on reimbursement for all cover limits
  • Affordable - No excess for inpatient cover, installment premium payments for your inpatient cover, and no claim discount
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How do I apply?

Please contact UAP Insurance or your insurance intermediary and fill the application form. Ensure you complete the application form in full and as accurately as possible to facilitate quick processing of your cover. Submit the duly filled form and the premium payment to UAP Insurance. All members as proposed will be issued with a membership card and a policy document will be issued for every proposal. 

Persons over 60 years will be required to submit a medical report in the prescribed manner for eligibility.

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Want to know more about Afyaimara?If you'd like to know more, we've answered some questions you might have.

    We offer comprehensive benefits such as:

    • Inpatient limits from Kes 500,000 to Kes 10,000,000
    • Optional outpatient cover from Kes 50,000 to Kes 200,000. This caters for:
      • Routine outpatient services, consultations, diagnostics, drugs and dressings
      • Routine dental and optical services, including the cost of frames, lenses
      • Well baby clinics
    • Covers pre-existing, chronic conditions & HIV/AIDs
    • Cover for prematurity, and neonatal conditions
    • Maternity cover within inpatient
    • Dental and optical benefits included within the outpatient cover
    • Hospitalization expenses including surgeon, physician, theatre, ICU & HDU fees
    • Home nursing subject to pre-authorisation up to 90 days from discharge based on the applicable benefit sub-limit
    • Diagnostics and physiotherapists fees, prescribed drugs, dressings, surgical appliances
    • Accommodation costs for parent/guardian accompanying child of 12 years and below
    • Eligibility is for all persons and their legal dependents from age of zero (0) months to 65 years. Existing members can continue renewing in the scheme for life subject to renewal review by Old Mutual General Insurance
    • Persons over 60 years will be required to submit a medical report in the prescribed manner for eligibility
    • Eligible dependents include one spouse (age 18 to 65 years at joining) and own children from age of 0 months to 18 years of age. Children will be added on cover from birth. Birth Notification must be included in the application form
    • Children above 19 years will be covered as principal persons

    General exclusions are as follows:

    • Expenses where material information is withheld or misstated
    • Infertility treatment
    • Cosmetic surgery unless caused by accident
    • Weight management treatments and drugs
    • Participation in professional & hazardous sports e.g. bungee jumping, paragliding
    • Treatment other than by registered medical practitioner
    • Self-referred or self-prescribed treatment
    • Drugs dispensed by the treating doctor
    • Nutritional supplements unless prescribed as part of medical treatment
    • Alternative treatment - Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Herbalist
    • Drunkenness, drug addiction, intentional self-injury
    • Expenses incurred in connection with participation in Riot, Strike, and Civil commotion
    • Naval, Military, or Air force operations
    • Expenses recoverable under any other insurance e.g. NHIF, GPA, WIBA
    • Beauty treatment in nature cure clinics or health hydro’s
    • Diagnostic equipment (e.g. Glucometers, BP machines)
    • Experimental treatment
    • Contamination by radioactivity from nuclear fuel, waste, or fission
    • Benefits not purchased or not indicated in the brochure

    *Refer to the policy document for detailed exclusions

    28 days waiting period applies to illness claims and 60 days for surgical claims subject to specific condition waiting period indicated in the benefit schedule.