Motor Commercial
Own Goods
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What is Motor Commercial Own Goods?

This is a motor commercial insurance cover that safeguards vehicles used for transportation of the insured’s own goods or property.
What's in it for you?
  • Protection against Theft
  • Protection against Theft and Fire damage
  • Protection against accidental damage to the vehicle
  • Third-party liabilities cover

We will provide:

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How does it work?

This insurance product safeguards vehicles against theft and damages resulting from accidents, fires and natural disasters while ferrying the insured's own goods and products. There is also an extension of passenger covers while in the cabin.

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    1. Driving license
    2. Police Abstract
    3. Completed claim form

    We handle claims on a case by case basis and advise according to the class of loss or damage.

    On average, General Insurance claims take 7 working days to settle. This duration is dependent on timely and proper documentation and, availability of repair materials for motor claims.