Insurance for
emergency vehicles
Emergency vehicles are often deployed to save lives.
Allow them to do so without added worries.

What is Motor Commercial Special Types?

This is a special motor commercial insurance product tailored for special vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines and blood bikes.
What's in it for you?
  • Comprehensive Cover - This covers standard risks such accidents, accidental fires or theft. It similarly covers a third party’s death or bodily injury
  • Third-party Fire and Theft - This package shields you against all third party risks and damage to your vehicle caused by theft and fire
  • Third-party Only (TPO) - This cover only protects you against third party losses

Motor Commercial Special Types
How does it work?

This unique one-stop personal protection policy covers vehicles like ambulances and firefighter trucks against damages from accidents and theft. It also covers third-party liabilities.

Motor Commercial Special Types
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    1. Driving license
    2. Police Abstract
    3. Completed claim form

    General Insurance claims usually take seven working days to settle.