Safeguard your
Protect your vehicles from damage
with the Motor Private Insurance Cover.

What is Motor Private Insurance Cover?

This policy covers vehicles against loss or damage, including riots and strikes as well as third-party liabilities anywhere in East Africa.
What's in it for you?
  • Comprehensive Cover - This cover safeguards you against losses and/or damages to your vehicle brought about by accidents, accidental fires or theft. It similarly covers a third party’s death or bodily injury
  • Third-party Fire and Theft - This package shields you against all third party risks including death, bodily injuries, and/or property damage Losses and/or damage to your vehicle caused by theft and fire are also covered under this package
  • Third-party Only (TPO) - This cover only protects you against third party losses including death, bodily injuries and/or property damage
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How does it work?

This insurance package shields vehicles against loss or damage resulting from accidents, accidental fires and theft. Third-party liabilities such as death, bodily injuries, and/or property damage are also covered under this product.

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    Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy on the cover:

    • Excess Protector - This is an optional extension/benefit that can be added to the basic comprehensive cover. It removes the excess amount the insured client has to pay when he/she makes a claim on the policy. 'Excess' is the insured's first loss that they shoulder.
    • Forced ATM withdrawal
    • Loss of a spare wheel
    • AA membership
    • Political Violence and Terrorism
    • Courtesy Car
    • Windscreen
    • Entertainment unit