Get ready to retireLet us help you make that transition
into a sustainable, long, and happy retirement.

What is Personal Pension Plan?

Retirement could mean the end of a work shift or a gradual transition with reducing responsibilities and commitments. However you see it, we want to be there so we can help you make that transition into a sustainable, long, and happy retirement. With our Personal Pension Plan, that is possible. It's suitable for self-employed people, informal groups and former employees. The member determines how much they can save regularly which they can review at will.
What's in it for you?
    • You can vary your contributions after giving a 30-day notice.
    • The pension plan is not tied to your current employment.
    • You can get the accumulated savings as a lump sum of retirement.
    • You can also convert part or all of the savings into a stream of regular payments.
    • The fee rate is charged annually and disclosed at registration.
    • You can access your interim contribution statement at any time.
    • The retirement plan is tax-exempt and your contributions are exempt up to set limits
    • We do not penalize you on withdrawal
    • You can use up to 60% of your accumulated pension savings as collateral for a mortgage loan
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How does it work?
  • To set up a personal pension plan, you have to be between 18 and 74 years.
  • You can also join by transferring your accumulated pension savings from another pension plan.
  • You have to contribute at least KES. 500 per month to your savings to keep your account active.
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    The retirement plan is tax-exempt. Savings contributions are also exempt up to set limits. We also do not penalize you on withdrawal.

    • Tax relief benefits on contributions made
    • Tax relief benefit based on years of membership in the scheme
    • Transfer from other schemes acceptable
    • Both self-employed and employed individuals are eligible
    • Has a provision for individuals, SME and Corporate schemes
    • Competitive returns on your pension savings
    • Accumulated savings can be used as collateral to access a mortgage facility
    • You are entitled to a final benefit statement at the close of each financial year
    • The investment income is allocated annually to your accumulated savings