Time to investUnit Trust Funds are flexible and
tailored for every stage of your life.

What is Unit Trusts?

This an investment channel that allows one to invest in treasury bills, government bonds corporate bonds, and shares through funds known as Unit Trust Funds.

Types of Unit Trusts to invest in

You can choose to invest in the following funds:

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How does it work?
  • Have a goal or target in mind and know your risk appetite/profile (What is the maximum drop (fall) in value you can endure on your savings in one year before considering to pull out your investment?)
  • How much time do you have to reach your goal (investment horizon)
  • Answering these two questions will then determine the best investment vehicle for you.
  • You can apply through our digital platform known as i-INVEST. For amounts less than KES 70,000 simply dial *480# on your mobile phone to open an account, follow the instructions and start saving today. Another option is filling in an application form at any of our Old Mutual Branches.
  • View the terms and conditions

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    What's in it for you?
    • No initial fees: We do not charge any upfront fees.
    • Cash Withdrawal Facility: This allows you to make regular withdrawals from the Old Mutual Unit Trust Funds without penalty.
    • Professionalism: You do not need to worry what stocks to select or what bonds to buy. You get a professional Fund Manager to do this for you.
    • Flexibility: There is no fixed investment period. You can invest for as long as you like. You can make a lump sum investment or have a monthly investment plan.
    • Switching: You can switch your investments between the different Unit Trust Funds offered.
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    TALK TO US  If this product is what you've been looking for, get in touch with us. Want to know more about Unit Trust Funds?We've answered some questions you might have.
      • Liquidity: The funds are highly liquid since the Capital Markets Act (Cap. 485A), requires Unit Trust Fund managers to buy back all the Units that Unitholders wish to sell at any time.
      • Security: Unit Trust Funds are statutorily entrusted to the Capital Markets Authority and controlled by the Collective Investment Schemes Regulations Act, aimed at protecting the investor. These regulations relate to the activities of the Unit Trust management companies.
      • Convenience: Make deposits at ease and you can switch to a different fund.
      • Transparency: Unit Trust prices are published daily and audited financial statements are published half-yearly. Investors can also monitor funds' performance via monthly statements sent to their email accounts.
      • The Last Respect Benefit: This provides financial support for funeral expenses in case of death of a unit holder. This benefit is provided for your Equity and Balanced Fund accounts.

      For applications we will require the following attachments:

      • Copy of the ID or Passport
      • Certified bank statement or ATM card
      • Copy of PIN certificate

      Note that, Corporate applicants have additional requirements as per the checklist on the form.

      You can visit any of our offices and fill in the application forms or request a financial advisor to visit you and guide you through the sign up process.

      Our payment options:

      1. Direct Debit: Fill in a direct debit form that permits us to withdraw funds from your account to pay towards your unit trust account. The form is provided by Old Mutual.
      2. Standing Order: Place a standing order by providing instructions to your bank to pay to your unit trust account.
      3. M-PESA Pay: Pay via your mobile phone. The M-PESA Pay Bill number is 600 500. The Account Number refers to your unit trust account number.
      4. Bank Transfer: You can transfer funds from your bank account to our various Inflow Accounts at KCB provided:


      • Account Name: Old Mutual Money Market Fund
      • Account No. 1102369705
      • Account Name: Old Mutual Balanced Fund
      • Account No. 1102370444
      • Account Name: Old Mutual Equity Fund
      • Account No. 1102370754
      • Account Name: Old Mutual Bond Fund
      • Account No. 1102400750

      Swift Code: KCBLKENX


      For any queries, contact us at clientservices@oldmutualkenya.com or call us on 0711 065800.

      The funds have parties outlined below to ensure transparency and prudent investments of funds:

      • Fund Manager (Old Mutual Investment Group) - Whose role is to design a prudent investment policy and invest the Unit Trust Funds in accordance with the set rules.
      • Custodian - The custodian undertakes the safekeeping of the assets of the Funds and settles transactions on receipt of authorised instructions.
      • Trustee - Whose role is to oversee the activities of the Fund Manager and ensure that the Fund is managed in accordance with the fund’s instrument of incorporation, Also, the trustee ensures that the custodian takes effective control of the assets of the fund and holds the assets in trust for the unit holders.