Money Market FundGrow your savings by investing in Unit Trust Funds.

What is Old Mutual Money Market Fund?

This is a fund that invests in a well-diversified portfolio comprising treasury bills, corporate notes, bank fixed deposits, and bank call deposits.
How does it work?

    The fund is suitable for individuals who want to start their investment journey or are looking for a place to build an emergency fund - normally considered three to six months of monthly expenses. This fund is also suitable for a corporate or an individual who seeks to grow their capital while ensuring investment risk is contained.

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What's in it for you?

  • Funds can be accessed within a few days (immediate liquidity).
  • This is a low-risk fund and provides return/ yield without penalties.
  • Capital stability as the fund rate of return aims to outperform the inflation rate.
  • Returns generated from this fund are distributed monthly, and you can elect to reinvest (recommended) to compound and grow your investment faster or payment to your bank account.
  • You have the freedom to switch your investment between different funds to maximize your gains
  • You can set up a cash flow plan to cater to your regular cash needs

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FUND FACT SHEETFamiliarise yourself with the fund information to make the right investment decision.Want to know more about Money Market Funds?We've answered some questions you might have.

    You can start from the convenience of your mobile phone. Simply dial *480# or chat our Facebook messenger, virtual assistant, Arifa through to open an account, start saving and watch your money grow.

    For applications we will require the following attachments:

    Copy of the ID or Passport

    Certified bank statement or ATM card

    Copy of PIN certificate

    Note that, Corporate applicants have additional requirements as per the checklist on the form.

    You can visit any of our offices and fill in the application forms or request a financial advisor to visit you and guide you through the sign up process.

    Our payment options:

    Arifa: Through our Facebook virtual assistant by visiting and selecting the invest option.

    i-INVEST: By dialling *480# on your i-INVEST registered phone number and selecting the invest option.

    USSD: By dialling *480# on your i-INVEST registered phone number and selecting the invest option.

    Direct Debit: Fill in a direct debit form that permits us to withdraw funds from your account to pay towards your unit trust account. The form is provided by Old Mutual.

    Standing Order: Place a standing order by providing instructions to your bank to pay to your unit trust account.

    M-PESA Pay: Pay via your mobile phone. The M-PESA Pay Bill number is 600 500. The Account Number refers to your unit trust account number.

    Bank Transfer: You can transfer funds from your bank account to our various Inflow Accounts at KCB provided:


    Old Mutual Money Market Fund

    • Account Name: Old Mutual Money Market Fund

    • Account No. 1102369705

    Old Mutual Balanced Fund

    • Account Name: Old Mutual Balanced Fund

    • Account No. 1102370444

    Old Mutual Equity Fund

    • Account Name: Old Mutual Equity Fund

    • Account No. 1102370754

    Old Mutual Bond Fund

    • Account Name: Old Mutual Bond Fund

    • Account No. 1102400750

    Swift Code: KCBLKENX


    For any queries, contact us at or call us on 0711 065800.