Secure your cargoGet peace of mind knowing you're
covered for loss or damage of goods and cargo.

What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

Our knowledge of Marine Insurance runs as deep as the oceans. Whether you got a small private boat or running a fleet of ships, we're the right insurance partner for you! Our cover compensates loss or damage to goods and, or merchandise in transit by sea, air, rail, road or registered post.
What's in it for you?
  • We offer you flexible coverage options namely; port to port and warehouse to warehouse.
  • Our policy has negotiable insurance cover rates and you also get to inform us of the extent of cover you would like.
  • We provide you with a worldwide claims survey and settlement assistance.
  • Within minutes of signing up with our cover, we issue you with a Marine Cargo Insurance certificate.
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How do I apply?
  • Fill in the cargo declaration form
  • Complete import declaration form and invoices
  • Get a quotation
  • KRA Pin and certificate of incorporation
  • Make premium payments
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    This policy covers loss or damage to goods and/or merchandise in transit from one place to another by sea, air, rail, and road. The cover provided is in the respect of marine perils, war and strike, riot and civil commotion perils.

    The following document are essential to pursue a claim under a marine cargo policy, although, depending on circumstances, there may be a waiver of requirement:

    • Bill of lading
    • Certificate of insurance
    • Sea waybill
    • Air waybill
    • CMR consignment note
    • Carrier’s response/settlement
    • A subrogation form

    We will not cover the following:

    • Losses or damage caused by inherent vice
    • Losses caused by delay
    • Mechanical and electrical derangement
    • Political and terrorism risk